My first ever products from Marc Jacobs! Worth the splurge?

I was too excited to receive these products in the post as part of Marc Jacobs brand ambassador scheme! I've been wanted to try this brand for a while, but they are slightly more expensive, so I kept talking myself out of it. What's in the bag? What a package to receive! A fab Marc … Continue reading My first ever products from Marc Jacobs! Worth the splurge?


Curaprox ‘Be You’ Watermelon Toothpaste

I was lucky enough to be sent this Curaprox toothpaste in Watermelon by Church View Dental Care, Leeds!  I genuinely didn't know what to expect, I have never really used flavoured toothpaste other than mint! What is it? The toothpaste itself: "protects against decay, provides lasting fresh breath, helps against sensitivity, does not provoke aphthae, … Continue reading Curaprox ‘Be You’ Watermelon Toothpaste

A.Florence Skincare – The Low Down

A new, up and coming brand I stumbled across on Instagram.  They source raw ingredients and their proprietary blends are hand-made from scratch. A.Florence Skincare don't use pre-mixed bases and to ensure freshness and ingredient potency they craft their products in small batches in their London studio. As an eco-oriented company that use recyclable glass and minimal … Continue reading A.Florence Skincare – The Low Down