Eco-Brand overview – TOTM

Who are they?

Period care designed for comfort. Kind to you and the planet. It was time for transparency and we wanted to make a difference. TOTM launched in 2016 with a vision to change how we manage our periods and understand our menstrual health. We’re on a mission to end the silence surrounding periods and provide more natural and sustainable period care

What makes them eco-friendly?

I had a quick look at some current UK statistics regarding sanitary products & approx 90% of a menstrual pad and around 6% of a tampon is made from plastic!

“Plastic products take up to a thousand years to decompose.  Conventional disposable menstrual products made from 90% plastic – along with their packaging generate 200,000 tonnes of waste per year.  This figure of 200,000 tonnes of menstrual waste (including tampons, pads and applicators) generated per year in the UK comes from our calculations based on AHPMA’s figure of 4.3 billion menstrual products being used per year in the UK.  If each woman uses between 11,000‐16,000 tampons and pads in their lifetime, that’s about 32 items per period.  This works out to approximately 200kgs of tampons, pads and applicators thrown away in a lifetime of menstruating for one woman (either going to landfill or down the toilet)”.

Taken from – London Assembly – Single‐use plastics: Unflushables

I found the above stats so shocking and even though sanitary wear is a necessity, there needs to be an alternative solution. This brand is making a difference and I encourage others to consider the environment and making the switch to more eco-friendly brands.

TOTM uses non-GM organic cotton for all of their tampons, pads & liners and have ditched the plastic wrappers for eco-alternatives such as biodegradable & compostable biofilm wrappers.

They have formulated their products without fragrances, rayon, wood pulp or chlorine bleach. Their ingredients include: 100% certified organic cotton core & cover. The secure backing is biodegradable with a non-toxic adhesive.

All products are cruelty-free & vegan. Even their mailing bags are made from carbon positive sugarcane!

My thoughts

In my quest to make my beauty routine more sustainable & eco-friendly, this brand reached out to me. I am so pleased all of their products have recyclable packaging and are responsibly made. They have thought of every aspect, even allowing you to order a subscription and not just one off products is such a great idea and takes away the hassle of getting caught short.

The message they are spreading about being able to talk about periods and menstrual health is amazing. Periods shouldn’t be something to be embarrassed about, hiding sanitary products in the bottom of your bag or coping in silence with menstrual cramps. I love that they are opening up the lines of communication about health, symptoms and wellness.

I have to say when I saw the pads initially, I wasn’t sure if they would be as comfortable as other brands. They are! I didn’t experience any irritation, feeling of discomfort or have any concerns over leaks. The pads stayed in place well and the wings held everything securely. Does the job it’s supposed to!

I won’t be going back to my other brands…Such a responsible brand who really care!

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This was a paid ad, however the review, opinions and experiences are my own. Affiliate links are included

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