Sustainable Beauty

I recently visited the Gili Islands in Indonesia, it really opened my eyes to the damage single use plastics are having on our planet.

I have made a promise to myself to cut down the use of plastic at home and to reduce the amount of waste from my beauty routine.

Check out my ideas below:

Recycled Toilet paper

Sounds gross right…wrong! The brand ‘Who Gives a Crap‘ toilet paper is made from 100% recycled paper, no inks, no dyes or scents. Great value!

Have a read of their impact & values HERE! But if you’re short on time:

  • They donate 50% of our profits to help build toilets for those in need
  • All their packaging is 100% recyclable
  • Great value starting at just 18.8p per 100 sheets
  • Made from 100% recycled paper – not trees!

I bought a box of 48 rolls, they are longer than normal rolls and I compromised nothing (not amount, softness or cost) to use this. If you don’t have space to store these (I keep these in the garage), you can buy smaller amounts of rolls from various shops – Get Googling!

Reusable Beauty pads

I go through a lot of cotton pads with makeup removal, essences, toners etc I was kindly gifted these reusable makeup remover pads by @bekibeauti and was excited to give them a shot. This brand does the large soft make up remover pad and the smaller pads for toners & essences.

When using the big make up pad, it feels so soft and smooth, I actually really enjoy removing my makeup with this. After seeing all of my makeup smeared onto the pad, I thought there is no way that is getting clean, but I was pleasantly surprised that it came up white again.

The smaller pads are just as fabulous! They are soft, easy to use and wash well. The key is to make sure you wash them all frequently, to make sure any bacteria is killed

Friction Free shaving

I stumbled across this brand Friction Free Shaving online and fell in love! Not only are the razors gorgeous & aesthetically pleasing, but it’s made from metal, so no plastic waste, which is great! They offer a recycling service for their razor heads, which is amazing!

You can order this razor on a subscription service, which makes it cheaper & they deliver everything to your door! If you just want a one off razor it’s also available from Boots too.

My main reason for buying it was the lack of plastic, even the packaging is recyclable. It looks super cute too and is designed to be used again & again! You can even get your name engraved!
It’s a great 6 blade razor…I totally recommend!!

Cotton Buds & Dental floss

These have always been essential in my beauty routine and I never really thought much about how many I use or how damaging they are for the environment.

Cotton buds are the 8th most common piece of plastic pollution found on our beaches.

There are many bamboo alternatives to plastic cotton buds that are available on the market and these can easily be substituted within your routine. I picked these up in Holland & Barrett by The Humble Co. and they are super affordable.

I found dental floss harder to replace. I found some created by The Humble Co from Boots UK. The floss itself is made with natural candelillawax and xylitol, the packaging is recyclable and doubles as a floss dispenser. Each Humble purchase goes towards funding projects for the benefit of children in need.

I have never come across recyclable electric toothbrush heads. However in my search for all things eco friendly, I stumbled across a brand called Live CoCo. The create recyclable brush heads for your electric toothbrush (even their packaging is recyclable) and once you have finished using the brush head, you simply return them and they will recycle them. Genius!

Ditching the plastic bottles

I picked up these brown glass bottles from @baldwinsuk for next to nothing. I really like the look of them and much nicer to have on display than plastic spray bottles.

The Dymo label maker I snagged from Amazon for £12 to create the stick on labels. I’ve used this for other things around the house too!

How does this reduce plastic I hear you ask?! I stumbled upon a company called Iron & Velvet . They create dissolvable sachets of cleaning products that can be diluted to create the solution! Perfect for these bottles!
Their packaging is fully recyclable, you can choose your products & fragrances!

I would love to hear about changes you’re making within your beauty routine or day to day life.

All of the items (except Beki Beauty pads) were bought by me & all the opinions are my own, however some links are affiliate.

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