Lumie Bodyclock Glow 150 wakeup light

I have been wanting to try a wakeup light alarm for a while now and with Winter and dark mornings getting closer, I thought it was the perfect time.

I was lucky enough to be given Bodyclock Glow 150 wake up light by Lumie and I was so excited to give it a try!

What is it?

Bodyclock Glow 150 is an alarm clock that mimics the light and colour of a real sunrise so when you open your eyes you feel properly awake and refreshed. Waking like this helps to regulate your sleep-wake cycle and has even been shown to boost mood, energy and productivity levels for the rest of the day

How does it work?

The clock uses LED lights to mimic the sunrise & sunset. There are additional options that you can program, such as:

  • Choosing the duration of the sunset and sunrise
  • The intensity of the sunrise light
  • You can add sounds to your sunrise & sunset
  • Adjustable lighting – brighter for reading or a softer glow for relaxing
  • Tap to snooze
  • Volume of the sounds

Ease of use?

The light simply plugs in and comes complete with mini instruction guide. I found the clock very easy to program. You set the sunset and sunrise separately and can choose to add sounds.

I programmed the clock to play crashing waves for sunset & blackbird song for my wake up.

Initial Thoughts?

I have never used a light/clock like this before, but had heard so many good reviews.

The unit was so easy to program and to adjust as required. The waves and dimming light for bedtime was perfect! Great to take my mind to a more relaxing place after hectic days. The fact you can choose if you want a sound and which sounds you have is great! You can choose whatever your mood requires.

I turned the clock a little away from me in the night – the numbers do adjust to the level of ambient light, but I still found them to be a little bright in the dark.

I wasn’t convinced I would actually wake up to the light, so the addition of a noise for an alarm was peace of mind, knowing it would wake me if the light didn’t.

Since you can choose the duration of the sunrise, it means you can decide how gradual the light is. I chose 20 mins with a blackbird wake up sound.

I couldn’t believe how naturally I woke up with the light! I woke before the sound and it meant that I wasn’t shocked awake by an alarm and it left me feeling brighter and less groggy!

The blackbird sound is so nice to wake up to, more natural and calming. I really enjoyed this and have been using the sunset and sunrise functions ever since I received the clock!!

I can’t recommend this clock enough! Especially with the darker mornings drawing in. I always dread the winter, the dark nights and mornings take their toll. This is such a great solution to the dark mornings…I don’t think I will love Winter any time soon, but this really helps me to feel more awake in the mornings.


  • Selection of sounds to wake up & go to sleep to
  • Gradual wake up & sunset light options – choose your duration
  • Wake up less groggy
  • Helps with SAD – getting out of bed has been a little easier (no miracle cure)
  • Easy to program & adjust/set


  • I turn the clock a little away from me in the night, although the clock numbers adjust in the light, they still seemed quite bright.
  • Not super cheap (although worth it in my opinion)

Thanks for reading! You can visit the Lumie website here – where they give you different information on all of their models.

Although this item was gifted, there was no obligation to review. All experiences, opinions and thoughts are my own.

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