Cake Beauty Haircare Products

Who are Cake Beauty?

A brand new haircare brand, just launched in Boots UK. Their packaging is a gorgeous pink & their products smell like sweet treats & cake! Yummy.

Their Values

The Mane Manager

What is it?

A triple-action formula is a post-shower leave-in, daily moisturizer and style refresher for softer, better looking hair. Driven by natural ingredients, this special blend works like a dream on damp or dry hair to detangle, hydrate and revive your locks with seriously-smooth, feather-light body. Revamp your get-ready routine and take your hair from drab to so-fab, without the harsh chemicals

How to use it?

I use this after my shower & spray on damp hair and comb through. I even use this product on dry hair before heat styling products, a little spritz really helps hydrate the hair.

Initial Thoughts

This spray smells amazing, like sweet cake & sugar! I wasn’t sure what I was expecting from the spray, but it helped to magically detangle my hair when wet. After drying, my hair was so soft and smooth, which always seems near impossible having colour damaged hair.

Using the spray on dry hair seemed a bit strange, but I used a fine spritz on each layer of my hair before straightening and it really helped to stop the frizzy dryness that blow drying sometimes gives my hair. I have to say I’ve never had such fab results. My hair was sleek, shiny and manageable!

The Smooth Move

What is it?

This buttery smooth, ultra-decadent treat repairs stressed out locks. Packed with lux butters and oils, this beautiful blend melts into every stand to replenish missing moisture and restore your hair to first-class status with magical managability. Treat your tresses to soft, shiny and insanely silky hair in minutes, without the harsh chemicals

How to use it?

I use this in the shower after shampooing. I apply the mask and work it into my hair. I can get 2 uses out of the packet, but it depends on hair length. I leave it on for a round 5 mins whilst I have a wash and shave my legs haha. I use my tangle teaser to comb through the mask before washing off.

Initial Thoughts

The packaging is perfect for travelling, although I wish they would do a pump version/bottle version for home. I struggle to get it out of the sachets when I’m in the shower. The texture is gorgeous, buttery and thick. Again the scent is sweet, like cakes and sugar. I like the fragrance but if you’re not into it, I don’t think it would be a deal breaker as the scent becomes more subtle when rinsed out.

The mask washes out easily and don’t leave your hair feeling greasy or with that unwashed feeling. It made my hair easier to comb through and after blow drying my hair was so much smoother and softer. I didn’t have the wild mane I usually get from blow drying.

Using the Mane Mange’r & the smooth move mask together made such a difference for me! Noticeably smoother, more sleek and the spray helped with using heat tools on my hair.


  1. Made a big difference to my hair – smoother, softer & more managable
  2. Affordable
  3. Cruetly free, vegan & natural (no nasties)
  4. Lovely scent & cute packaging which can be recycled.
  5. Wide range of products including hair care, body care and fragrances


  1. The scent might not be for everyone
  2. I wish the packaging was made from recycled plastic

My hair type is colour treated, dry & damaged. These products were gifted, but these are my own opinions & other may have different experiences. Thanks for reading!

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