Ways to Introduce New Products to your Beauty Routine

Trying new beauty products can be so much fun but it can be difficult to know which products to invest in, when you are so used to your tried and tested staples. Here are some ways to introduce new products to your beauty routine if you just want to try something new!

Choose New Skincare Products Wisely

If your skincare routine isn’t really working to its full potential, trying some alternatives may be the best way to help with any skin concerns but first you need to know your skin type! 

Once you know what you are dealing with you can look for products targeted to your skin type and needs. Perhaps you don’t know what to look for? Why not ask a skincare specialist in store so they can give you a free consultation. 

Read Reviews

You don’t have to be a guinea pig when trying new beauty products. Many people including bloggers and vloggers on YouTube will have already tried and tested the products you may be interested in so why not look for quality reviews on websites like Makeup Alley and Beautypedia to name a few? 

Bloggers who you trust and understand are also a great place to find honest advice whenever you need it! 

Image via Lovesub.co.uk

Invest in a Subscription Box 

Fancy trying some new products with a beauty subscription box filled with new beauty products that are on the market? Then why not check out monthly beauty subscription boxes from popular choices such as Glossy Box and Look Fantastic to name a few? Every month you can enjoy beauty treats delivered straight to your front door from some of the best brands. This is a great way to trial new products and get some inspiration to shake up your beauty look! 

Try Samples and Get Your Makeup Done with a Brand you Love 

Perhaps there’s a brand you already love? Why not get your makeup done at the beauty counter and then you can see which new products you want to try and invest in, whether it’s some skincare, new foundation or a lipstick. You may be able to ask for samples so you can try before you buy too!

What do you do to introduce new products to your beauty routine? Let us know in the comments below! 

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