Dior Backstage Face & Body Primer

I have heard and seen lots of good things about this primer on Instagram. I already have the Dior Face & Body Foundation, so just HAD to buy the primer to try it out.

What is it?

The Face & Body Primer is the Dior makeup artists’ secret weapon for creating an instantly flawless complexion: imperfections are blurred, the complexion looks brighter, plumper and more even. Foundation hold is improved

How do I use it?

The Dior website advises to apply the primer after your skincare routine using like strokes of the finger tips and massage on to the face. I have seen the Dior makeup artists using a brush to apply thing. I tend to just use my fingers and smooth into the skin.

Initial Thoughts

The product itself has a fragrance to it, I really enjoy it, but if you don’t like fragranced products this might not be for you. A little goes a long way with this primer, I find I only need a small amount to do my whole face, you only need to apply the product thinly. The texture is very soft and smooth, almost velvety. I think you could wear the primer alone as it smooths pores, mattifies the skin and blurs imperfections, without leaving the skin dull and lack lustre. The primer dries down nicely without being sticky or tacky, but enough to allow your foundation to ‘adhere’ to your skin.

My foundation (whichever I choose, not just the matching Dior foundation) applies very well with this primer. When I use foundation over the top, I have been applying with a brush and it goes on beautifully. No pilling, make up slide, patchiness, greasiness or heavy texture. Love it!

In terms of longevity, I was blown away! I found my skin stayed matte, and foundation stayed put, but my skin didn’t seem to get as dehydrated throughout the day. I had an even glow all day and have found myself reaching for this primer every day! Weeee have I found my new HG primer?! So far yes! Although, I am sure I will keep looking just to be sure haha.


  1. Make up stayed put throughout the day! Impressed
  2. No heavy texture, greasiness or pilling
  3. Mattified skin and smoothed the appearance of pores.
  4. A little goes a long way
  5. Gives a good glow


  1. Heavily scented
  2. £27.50 for 50mls although your don’t need a lot of product
  3. Contains shea butter which some people struggle with.
  4. Instrumental test conducted was only on 11 people?!

These items were purchased by me and these are my honest experiences and opinions, others may have different experiences.  You can visit the brand website here. Thanks for reading! xx

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