Pixi Beauty Stash Overview

I have always been a big fan of Pixi Beauty, especially since I visited their stand at a Beauty Festival a few years ago. Recently I feel like Pixi have released a lot of products and its a bit of a mine field to understand what they all do and if they’re right for your skin.

I’ve decided to share my stash, how I use the products and which are my favs!

Rose Cream Cleanser

A fairly new release for Pixi and one I had to give a whirl. I usually use this in my morning routines, using a coin sized amount, massaging into skin and rinsing clean with a cloth. This product is designed to:

  • Nourish the skin with a mineral rich mud to strengthen & soften
  • Soothe & calm the skin with chamomile
  • Moisturise & restore with rose flower oil
  • Condition & replenish the skin with avocado oil

My Thoughts: I have to say this cleanser didn’t look how I thought it would. It is a very pale brown/beige in colour and has the faintest scent of rose, nothing over powering (I expected pink & heavily scented). I was pleasantly surprised! The product was a tiny bit grainy, nothing really noticeable on the skin. It felt nice to use and after washing off left my skin feeling clean, but not tight or stripped. A great morning cleanser and currently one of my favs! The best part is it is great for all skin types of skin, even sensitive.

Glow Mud Cleanser

This has been around for a little while and I have had it in my stash. I started using it every AM & PM and that didn’t work for me. I actually only use it once a week in my morning routine or so, depending on what my skin needs. I apply a small amount to damp skin and gently massage for 20-30 seconds and then rinse. This cleanser is designed to:

  • Gently exfoliate & revitalise with 5% glycolic & soothing botanicals
  • Deeply cleanse the pores with cleansing mud
  • Be mild enough for all skin types
  • Hydrate & calm with aloe vera

My Thoughts: Super easy product to use, the texture feels lovely, thick and I really enjoy it. There is a scent, but not a strong one, I actually really enjoy it. I find I can’t use this cleanser every day, morning & night, so I tend to use 1-2 times a week for a skin pick me up.

Milky Tonic

This is one of Pixi’s newer products to be released. The milky tonic can be used after cleansing in the same place as a normal toner. It is designed to help:

  • Rehydrate, nourish & relax the skin
  • Oat extract helps to soothe & balance
  • Alcohol free

My thoughts: I really enjoy this tonic. My skin is combo and prone to breakouts and this really helps to hydrate, soothe and nourish skin to promote healing. Big thumbs up!

Glow Tonic

A cult classic and the product that put Pixi on the map, so of course it is in my stash. I probably don’t use this as often as I should, but it is super easy to slot into your routine. I pop some onto a cotton pad and swipe across clean skin. This product is designed to:

  • Exfoliate and purify the skin with glycolic acid
  • Improve circulation & energise the skin with ginseng
  • Soothe & hydrate with aloe vera.

My Thoughts: I like this product, however it isn’t my absolute fav from Pixi, even though it’s their best seller. It is refreshing, gives me healthier and brighter looking skin by removing dead skin cells. I think it does help to heal and soothe the skin by accelerating cell renewal. Great product.

Rose Caviar Essence

I had seen other people trying this product and raving about it. If I’m honest I wasn’t sure the benefits or where this would slot into my routine, but I wanted to give it a try. I use this in the morning after my hydrating serum to give my skin a boost of hydration when it needs it. The product is:

  • Formulated with antioxidant rich natural oils, this formula will soften, refine and tone
  • Encapsulated flower oils suspended in this weightless serum-essence melt onto the skin delivering fresh botanicals to hydrate and restore skin’s brightness for optimum radiance

My Thoughts: I don’t tend to use this every day, more as and when I feel I need more hydration. Its such a refreshing product, easy to slot into your routine and easy to use. I just take a small amount and pat it into my skin…I feel like I can hear my face say ‘ahhhh’ and my skin drinks it in.

Glow Mud Mask*

Another signature product I have seen around, but never tried. This I use in the evening after cleansing, I apply a thin layer either directly onto any blemishes or on to my T zone area. You can use this on all of your face, but I tend not to. I leave for 15 mins and then wash off using a cloth. The mask does dry down, however it isn’t uncomfortable or tight. I have found if you wet a cloth & press it into the mask before wiping off, the mask comes away a lot easier – no scrubbing required. The mask is designed to:

  • Deeply cleanse & purify with the use of Kaolin Clay
  • Detoxify with sea salt
  • Brighten & clarify with Ginseng
  • Aloe to balance

My Thoughts: I have tried A LOT of clay masks in my time and have recently stepping away from products that are too stripping. However, I think this mask is very effective as an on the spot treatment and occasional T zone mask – I wouldn’t over use as I would find it a bit drying. It left my skin brighter after use and helped my blemishes.

Peel & Polish Mask*

This is another new addition for Pixi & one I was intrigued about. I don’t have a product like it in my stash, so was excited to try it. I used this after cleansing and applied a thin layer to dry skin. The texture was very grainy, like a scrub. I left it for 2 minutes before rinsing, you can gently rub it into the skin for a more intense polish effect. The enzyme peel resurfacing mask claims to make skin smoother, softer & give it a healthier looking glow. The ingredients contain:

  • Lactic acid to exfoliate & clarify
  • Papaya fruit extract to improve skin texture by loosening dead skin cells
  • Cellulose peels & sugar cane extracts polish and lift away dullness revealing brighter skin

My Thoughts: Initially the sound of a ‘professional salon peel at home’ scared me a little, it sounds quite strong, but I gave it a whirl. The product was like a cream with a grainy texture. I applied a thin layer, there was no stinging or tingling and I rinsed after 2 minutes. My skin felt soft and smooth, it appeared visibly brighter. Make sure you wash it off properly, otherwise it leaves little grains on your skin eek. If you need a skin pick me up, you want to brighten and gain some glow, this is for you.

DetoxifEYE Eye masks*

It is no secret I am a fan of gel masks, so I was so excited when these arrived. These particular gels are another easy one to slot into any routine, perfect to soothe, hydrate and depuff the eye area. The pot includes a little spatula to help lift out each eye gel. I applied to clean skin in my morning or evening routine, the thickest part to the outer edge of my eye. I left for 10 mins then removed, patting in any excess. These eye masks are designed to:

  • Hydrate & soothe using hyaluronic acid
  • Depuff & reduce dark circles with caffeine
  • Fortify & nourish with cucumber & gold

My Thoughts: I love gel masks so had high hopes for these and I wasn’t disappointed. They are so easy to use and once removed left my skin plumped, hydrated and soothed. I am not sure about reducing dark circles, but it really smoothed out fine dehydration lines with a noticeable difference. LOVE these!!!!

Glow Glycolic Sheet Mask*

With Pixi’s cult classic being the glow tonic, I was most excited about trying these new glycolic sheet masks. I used this mask in my morning routine straight after cleansing as Pixi advise. The masks are designed to:

  • Brighten the skin using the serum concentrate of glycolic acid
  • Maintain and improve skin health & promote more luminous skin with herbal extracts

My Thoughts: This mask is fab in the morning for a skin pick me up and to give a glow for the day. The mask didn’t fit that well, although I have had worse. I left on for 15mins and patted in any excess after removal. I was so pleased with the results, my skin felt hydrated, smoothed and appeared brighter. Pixi even advise to store in the fridge for an even more refreshing masking experience. Another bonus…the masks are biodegradable, bonus!

T-Zone Peel Off Mask*

Yet another Pixi new release and a mask which, if I am honest, I was the least excited about trying. I wasn’t really sure of the benefits or how this differed from any other peel off mask. The T zone is my most problematic area, so gave this a go – for me this is best used at night on clean skin, but could be used to prep skin for make up. You need to apply a thick layer of the product (so you can later peel it off when it dries). I left this on until it was completely dry and then peeled it off – avoid any hair lines, eyebrows etc…ouch! This product is designed to:

  • Renew & condition with seaweed
  • Hydrate & smooth with avocado
  • Firm with green tea
  • Refine with unique green super food blend – cucumber, aloe, bamboo extract

My Thoughts: I used this after cleansing in my morning routine. The product itself felt smooth, sticky and thick. It was a gorgeous shimmery green colour, which I really loved (haha I know!). It dried in around 10/15mins and felt a little tight. I was surprised how hard it was to find an edge to actually start the peel off haha. Once I started peeling the mask off, it was slightly uncomfortable in some parts, the mask sticks very well to the skin. After removal I sponged off any parts I wasn’t able to peel, my skin was soooo smooth and soft, I was actually really amazed. I think this product is great for dull, congested skin to remove impurities. I don’t think it is a product I will reach for a lot, as the peeling felt quite harsh on the skin. Perhaps once every few weeks or every month might be enough for me, just to keep my skin detoxed, soft & smooth.

PHenomenal Gel

This is a new Pixi release and one of those products that sounds amazing, but have no idea how to use it, when or how you would fit it into your routine. I actually picked this up on M&S after seeing BambiDoesBeauty talk about it. I tend not to use this every day, but fit it into my routine as and when I feel my skin needs it, usually in the morning. This product is designed to:

•Soothing gel helps to balance and stabilise skin pH. Use a coin size amount daily after cleansing and toning or as needed.

My thoughts: I added this into my routine in the morning under my normal moisturiser, just a very thin layer, however I genuinely think you can slot it in wherever you like. The gel goes on more like a very light cream and absorbs well into the skin leaving no film or residue. It worked very well under make up and I had no problem with pilling or make up sliding. I don’t use this every day but just when I feel my skin needs saving from too many actives. It is a great product that seems to soothe, hydrate and calm skin that has been over worked. Love!

Jasmine Oil Blend

I have used this oil for a while, mixing it into my moisturiser every morning. Another easy to use product, some people might prefer to apply directly to the skin, but that is often a bit much for my combo skin. This product is designed to:

  • Heal & calm with Jasmin flower extract
  • Its is rich in omega -6 oil from evening primrose
  • Antioxidant & vit C rich from the grape seed oil

My Thoughts: I love this oil and have repurchased. It is a light but nourishing oil, perfect for dehydration and dullness. It helps to heal my blemishes and rebalance my skin. It doesn’t feel heavy and although it has a scent, it isn’t strong. The oil sinks in with my moisturiser without leaving any greasiness. A firm favourite in the stash!

Glow Tonic Serum*

This is a relatively new addition to the Pixi clan. I use this after my morning cleanser and toner. You don’t need a lot of product, a little goes a long way. I use 2/3 little drops and smooth into my skin before applying my moisturiser. Its a great product to slot into your routine easily. This product is designed to:

  • Softens & refines skin
  • Restores radiance for smooth and balanced skin.
  • Gently exfoliates, hydrates and nourishes. 

My Thoughts: The serum is a lot thicker than I thought it would be, it’s almost like a gel in texture. You don’t need a lot of product, a little goes a long way. There is a light scent but nothing over powering. The serum is light and absorbs quickly without leaving any stickiness or greasiness (with the gel texture I thought it might be a bit heavy/sticky). I have to say after a few uses my skin has felt soft, smooth and my tone has improved. It is a very subtle serum and isn’t a harsh exfoliant,so perhaps if you struggle with strong acids, this might be more for you. It helps to hydrate & nourish at the same time…bonus! no instant fix but more of a gentle steady product for every day use.

On The Glow Stick*

The product is easy to use, just twist the base to dispense more product or to put it away. It is perfect for travel as it is a solid! Just swipe the stick over the skin and pat away any excess, it creates a gorgeous glow and sheen to the skin…perfect for Summer!

  • The stick contains a mix of Vitamin D2, gentle acids & vitamins to treat, protect, increase moisture immediately.
  • Contains Glycolic acid to moisturise and renew
  • Ginseng to revitalise and balance
  • Vitamin D2 as a powerful antioxidant

My thoughts: I have to say this product took me longer to try than the others. I wasn’t sure what to do with it or where in my routine it would fit. I tried to use it as a moisturiser, but for me it wasn’t quite right. However, I started using it to add glow throughout the day and on top of make up etc and it worked too well. The stick melts gorgeously on contact with the skin, leaves a lovely sheen and I use my fingers to get the desired effect. LOVE!

Glow Tonic Cleansing Gel*

This cleansing gel can be used AM & PM, however I tend to only use this for a morning pick me up cleanse. I wet my skin first, then apply a small amount to my hands and massage into my skin for about 30 seconds, making sure I stay away from the eye area. Then rinse and pat dry.

  • A hydrating & purifying gel
  • With Moisclean™ and a unique blend containing glycolic acid, horse chestnut extract, aloe and ginseng to refine & brighten complexion leaving skin energised & smooth
  • Ginseng improves circulation and energises 
  • Aloe vera soothes and hydrates 

My thoughts: I am already a fan of the Glow Mud Cleanser, but tend not to use that every day, as it lacks the hydration. The beauty of this cleanser is it soothes and hydrates as well. I have to say the gel texture is a bit odd, I wasn’t keen at first, but it is something I have got used to. The product doesn’t lather up much, but it left my skin soft to the touch, smooth and hydrated. I will continue to use this a couple of times a week.


I hope you enjoyed the quick run down of my Pixi stash. Although I find this very hard to pick just 5, but if I really HAD to choose, my top 5 products are:

  • Jasmine Oil
  • DetoxifEYE patches
  • pHenomenal Gel
  • Milky Tonic
  • Peel & polish mask.

All items with a * were gifted with no obligation to review, however all of the other items were bought with my own money. All experiences are my own, others experiences may differ.

Any questions please ask! Thanks for reading!! xx

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