The 001 Skincare Eyecicle and Triple Peptide Active Commander Eye Concentrate

These items were gifted to me by 001 Skincare. The brand 001 Skincare mention that their products are used by leading Hollywood Make Up Artists with A-List clientele including Lady Gaga, Kate Winslet, Charlize Theron etc.  I wanted to see what the hype was about, so I agreed to give my honest review.

The 001 skincare Eyecicle packaging


“Eyecicle® is a Temperature- ConditioningTM beauty device designed to be chilled and used around the eyes to improve ageing and damage skin conditions”

The 001 Skincare Eyecicle and guide card

The product is best used once is has been in the fridge to allow the liquid to cool. I have never used a tool like this before and wasn’t sure how easy it would be or what to expect. The guide card they include made it super easy to know what to do. I applied a bit of the eye serum to allow the wand to glide over the skin more smoothly, although you can use any moisturiser or oil that you prefer.

The whole process wasn’t as lengthy as I thought it might be. I took the time to follow the card step by step. You can choose to spend slightly longer on each step if you have time. The whole process only took approx 5-10 minutes, which means it can easily slot into my morning routine. You actually get two wands in the pack, so you can speed up the process by doing both eyes at the same time (or go halves with a friend and split the set).

The wand instantly felt cool and soothing on my skin, it was actually surprising! The process helped with puffiness around my eyes, smoothed and plumped my skin. I can’t get over how cold and fabulous it made the skin around my eyes feel, an absolute treat! The effect lasted over an hour after use!

As I haven’t been using this long, I don’t know what the long term effects are, but I will 100% continue to slot this into my morning routine to help awaken my eyes and reduce puffiness. The wonderful Lisa Eldridge is a huge fan of this products too and you can watch her video HERE. I think her technique is slightly better than mine…I will be picking up some tips.

Cost – Lets not pretend this isn’t expensive, it is! However if you like to invest in your skin, then this is great! It will last forever, won’t run out or go off and can be reused again and again. The wands give an instant result! The cool temperature of the liquid and the massage process boost circulation to make your eye area soothed, smooth and plump. Don’t forget you can use my link for 20% off too.

How to use

Triple Peptide Active Commander Eye Concentrate

A performance-led, multi-action eye treatment formulated with neuropeptides to regenerate skin from the inside:
– Firming and plumping
– Reducing the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles
– Combat puffiness & dark circles
– Hydrating, smoothing & brightening”

This is a clear gel type formula. It doesn’t seem to have any scent and glides onto the eye area perfectly. You don’t need a lot of product and it absorbs fairly quickly without leaving any residue. The serum is nice and light and made my skin look hydrated, soft and smooth. Again, this is an expensive product and I would need to test this for a longer period of time to decide if it makes any long term difference.

Ingredients Overview

Over all – I think if I was going to purchase one thing it would have to be the the Eyecicle eye care tool which is utterly amazing! It is definitely something I would purchase myself and will continue to use every morning! The cooling feeling and smoothing effect really surprised me and I enjoy the whole process not just the feeling it gives you.

You can visit the 001 Skincare website website HERE

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All the thoughts, experiences and opinions are mine, others may have different experiences. If you have any questions or want me to show you more, just ask!

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