Product Review – Brand -What’s In It For Me?

I was kindly sent a couple of products to try from the brand ‘What’s in it for me?’

Who are they?

I have to admit, when searching online, it is hard to find much information about this new brand.  You can find a little bit about them on their website and more on the Birchbox website.


What are they about?

“Designed to appeal to our inner selfishness, this is a brand to indulge the most important person in your life. Hmm… wonder who that might be? Leaving you in a state of pampered, preened perfection, this new egocentric range is all about totally selfish, indulgent, in love with yourself products. Packed full of gorgeous, natural ingredients, there’s never been a better reason to spoil yourself!”

Body Cleanser

What it is?

“Mornings can be tough, but this zesty body cleanser has us wide awake and raring to go – no more hitting that snooze! Witch hazel and grapefruit cleanse and detoxify, while peppermint and rosemary oil calm and invigorate”

Hand Wash

What is it?

“Zesty lemon and lime essential oils give this fragrant hand wash an uplifting freshness. Bonus points for added Aloe Vera and ginger extract, which leave hands soothed, cleansed and protected”

Initial Thoughts

The first thing you notice about these products, is the smell!  Totally gorgeous! Their Hand Wash is so zesty and fresh, whilst the Body Cleanser has a refreshing spa vibe to it.

They are easy to use and don’t leave your skin feeling stripped or dry like some hand and body washes. My skin felt so smooth and soft after use!  Love!

I struggled a little with the packaging.  It was difficult to open and when I finally got it open there was a little spillage…to be honest it wasn’t a deal breaker. They are super affordable too at £6.00 each.  Check our the other products in their range here.

whats in it for me


  • Affordable
  • Left skin soft & smooth
  • Don’t need a lot of product
  • Smells amazing!


  • Slight issue with the packaging, but that could have been me!
  • Contains SLS – some people might be put off by this.
  • Not widely available.

Although these items were gifted to me by the brand, my opinions and experiences are my own. Thanks for reading xx

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