August Empties!

Not that many empties this month, but a few from my holidays:

  • WRP – Would Re-Purchase
  • HRP – Have already Re-Purchased
  • NRP – Not Re-Purchasing


First up!


  • Imperial Leather Unicorn marshmallow body wash – A new addition from a Glossy box.  I enjoyed this, it was a fun product to use. I have a lot of other products to use up at the moment, but might consider repurchasing. WRP
  • Autograph Rosie Huntington Whiteley perfume – I got this from M & S, its a great perfume and fab for the handbag.  A bargain at only £14! WRP
  • Stratia Liquid Gold – This is my third empty and I don’t intend to stop using this moisturiser any time too!  Love it.  Read my review here. HRP
  • Dove Body wash – I got this as part of a travel set.  I great travel size for a few nights away, but not really anything special, although cheap. NRP
  • A.Florence Skincare Hydration Booster serum – I have loved using this and will continue to use. A great serum and a brill price! HRP You can read my review on this product and brand here.
  • Pecksniff body wash – I had this left from a set I was given.  A gorgeous scent, but again I have a lot of other body washes to use up at the moment so NRP.
  • It cosmetics Brow Power – I got this in a beauty box.  It has lasted me ages, a great colour and has the handy spoolie on the end to swipe through your brows to even them out.  Love it! WRP



  • Aussie Miracle Moist Shampoo – I have dry and damaged hair and to a certain extent, this shampoo has helped.  No miracle cure, but a good standard shampoo. WRP
  • Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Reconstructor – I gave this a go as I’ve heard some good reviews, again, not a bad conditioner, but nothing ground breaking. If you shop around you can find this on offer. WRP
  • Palmers Coconut Oil Repairing Conditioner – This was a Glossy box addition to my collection.  I took this on holiday with me, it smells fantastic and made my hair feel smooth and soft. WRP
  • Philip Kingsley One More Day Dry Shampoo – I got this in a Glossy box and took it on holiday with me.  It was the perfect size for travelling and it was a nice dry shampoo. It is quite expensive so NRP



  • Ambre Solaire Aftersun tissue mask – I got this as a bit of a novelty for my holiday, to hydrate my skin after a session in the sun.  I quite liked this mask, it fit well to my face, cooled and soothed my skin. WRP
  • Superdrug Duo mask – I love that this comes in two halves.  Moisture for my cheeks and clay mask for the T zone, perfect for my combination skin.  A great product for travelling and super affordable. HRP
  • Garnier Moisture Bomb Mask – I only grab these when they are on offer, but I do like them. The mask fits well, there is plenty of serum and it really boosts hydration in my skin. WRP
  • Origins Flower Fusion mask – I wasn’t the biggest fan of this mask.  I didn’t feel it fit very well to my skin and for the price, it wasn’t my favourite. NRP


  • Tony Moly Mask Pomegranate mask – Not a bad sheet mask, but no real noticeable effects. NRP
  • Oh K! Under eye mask – I love hydrogels!  We actually sell these at my work, which is a disaster, as I end up buying them all the time! HRP
  • Garnier moisture bomb eye mask – When I don’t have the time or patience for a full sheet mask, I tend to multi mask with eye masks and other masks. These were so soothing and cooling. WRP
  • Superdrug micellar cleansing wipes – I am not a fan of wipes and I know they are considered to be the worst thing in the skincare world. I took these on holiday with me to use on the beach to freshen up, as and when needed.  I have to say they weren’t too bad, however I felt they dried out quite quickly. NRP
  • Sephora rose eye mask – I enjoyed this eye mask, however I am still a bigger fan of the hydrogel masks, so would choose those over these. Good job really as I can’t buy from Sephora in the UK. NRP

Thats it for my August empties.  I hope you enjoyed reading, if you have any questions just give me a shout. As always these are my opinions and they may vary from person to person. Thanks for reading! xx

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