SPF – The low down on P20 & La Roche Posay

I am always on the hunt for the best SPF!  I have seen so many recommendations on Instagram and blogs, its hard to know what to pick.  I recently went away to Ibiza for 4 days and put these two products through their paces:

P20 – SPF30 – Link to buy

Buying suncream can be pretty overwhelming, as the market is pretty saturated. I have always preferred a spray and usually go for Nivea Sun aerosol spray, but have seen it is only UVA/UVB 4 stars.  I have opted for P20’s version this time, which is 5star rated.

I have never tried this before, so followed the instructions carefully to allow the product to work in the most efficient way.


How to use it?

The instructions state to apply apply generously and evenly.

Do not spray directly on to face, spray on hands and rub in. Do not stay too long in the sun even when protected. Avoid midday sun.

Follow enclosed instructions carefully for the full benefit of P20.

My thoughts

I often apply my initial layer of suncream inside when I am on holiday and give it about 15/20mins before I head down to the pool or the beach, so having to do this really had no effect on me. The spray was fab, you could use it upside down, sideways etc and the spray was continuous. The product comes out in a yellow/clear liquid, which doesn’t have a hugely noticeable smell. The first thing I realised was this product feels seriously greasy! The instructions say it is very water resistant (up to 80mins in the water), so I suppose this is down to the oiliness, but it is noticeable. I found it did absorb into my skin to an extent, but a greasy sheen was left on my skin. The instructions also state you only need to apply this once (10hrs protection), however I was in and out of the pool and worry about burning, so I did reapply half way through the day. I normally burn a little on my thighs, shoulders, knees and chest after spending half a day in the sun, however I have to say, after day one I hadn’t burnt!

By the end of the holiday I felt that the suncream performed very well.  I noticed the areas that were catching the sun were just the areas that came into contact with fabric.  A tiny line of red at the edge of my bikini – I can only assume the fabric has absorbed what was left on my skin rather than absorbing into the skin.

Another thing I noticed, which might be a big no from some people.  It turned my towel, swim suit and clothes with a yellow tinge.  I know a lot of suncreams do this, but I felt it was more than normal. I am currently in the process of unpacking and washing everything, so we will see if this had any permanent damage.


  • Easy to use
  • Great spray
  • Really felt it prevented me from burning as easily
  • Water resistant
  • One bottle lasted me for the whole trip and I still had some left


  • Greasy feel
  • Must be applied before going out in the sun and allowed time to absorb
  • A bit more expensive at £24.99 for 200ml
  • Turned clothes yellow

WOULD I BUY AGAIN: I think I would actually – I could live with the greasiness and it stopped me from burning so a job well done!

La Roche Posay – SPF 50 Facial Spray – Link to buy

I asked a few people the best spray for topping up your SPF over make up and this came up top with everyone.  I have high hopes for the La Roche Posay SPF so fingers crossed.

How to use it?

This can be used under or over make up.

My thoughts

The fact that you can use this on top of make up is amazing! Partying in Ibiza, unfortunately, involved pool parties, getting dressed up and wearing make up in the sweltering heat. Not great for your skin, but sometimes needs must!

When I first sprayed this SPF, I expected a wet mist to cover my make up, just like make up setting spray. I was very surprised to find that it was a dry mist!! It absorbed quickly and left my skin matt, rather than shine and greasy. The can is small enough for your hand bag, such a light barely there spray and it left no white cast on me. WINNER!


  • Travel size
  • Dry mist – perfect for over make up with no white cast
  • Water resistant
  • Hypoallergenic & paraben free


  • I have heard on darker skin types that it can leave a white cast.
  • Slightly fragranced
  • Can be expensive…shop around for deals.

WOULD I BUY AGAIN: In a heart beat!!

These are my opinions and different skin types may experience different results.

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