Vitamasques Sheet Mask Haul

I have to be honest I had never heard of Vitamasques before Glossy Box sent me an email with 30% discount, so I thought it was the perfect opportunity to investigate.

Vitamasques stocks lots of different sheet masks, as well as bundles to save £££.  You can search by collection, but I wish you could search by skin concern.


I bought a few different masks. First up:

HYDRO FACE MASK – 120 Hours of hydration

What is it?

The Hydro Face Mask has been designed to provide maximum hydration and moisture retention in the skin. The mask contains the patented AMF (Artificial Moisturizing Factor) which enhances the skin’s ability to retain moisture. AMF has been clinically proven to keep the skin hydrated for up to 120 hours“.

Initial Thoughts

This mask is made of a gel, which I love.  I always feel they fit better to your face.  It comes in two sections so it fits comfortably and tight to your skin.  It makes it a lot easier to apply.  I applied to cleansed skin and left it on for the advised 20-30mins.  On application the mask was instantly cooling and soothing, sooo nice to wear, I really enjoyed it.  After removal I massaged in any remaining serum.  My skin felt, soothed and hydrated, I wouldn’t say I noticed any miracles in terms of hydration or skin plumping.  The mask worked well and my skin felt really nice.


A little snap of the mask in progress (sorry for the filter…it was needed haha).


Black Gold Mask – Purifying

What is it?

A luxurious moisturising Korean face mask made with gold and rose extract to moisturise your skin. A rare blend from VITAMASQUES, our Black Gold mask is specially put together for aiding your skin by absorbing impurities from it, and detoxifying due to the activated bamboo charcoal extracts. This helps your skin feel tighter, purified and less prone to breakouts“.

Initial thoughts

It is a paper fibre mask rather than a gel.  It came very saturated in product, with lots of serum to spare in the packet.  The mask was very hard to unfold compared to others I have tried.  I applied the mask to cleansed skin, it fit well to my face and was comfy to wear. I left on my skin for the recommended 20mins then removed.  My skin and the mask were still very wet from the serum and I massaged in the excess.  It felt such a shame to be throwing the packet away with a lot of excess still in there, so I kept it and applied a little more to my skin before bed. My skin felt cooled and soothed.  I didn’t notice any reduction in inflammation or redness and although my skin felt moisturised there wasn’t any notable changed in how plump my skin looked.  The gold flecks were a little odd, I ended up finding them dried on my face later on and had to pick them off. You can see the flecks below. Not sure this mask is for me.



Manuka Honey – Moisturising & Hydrating

What is it?

Manuka Honey has been used for thousands of years and has served a multiple of uses in ancient medicine right up until today. Manuka Honey has been widely praised for its anti-bacterial / anti-inflammatory properties, which can help towards reducing, soothing and relieving dry and spot prone skin”.


Initial Thoughts

The mask is made from a fibre/paper, you can see in the image below the composition.  It felt quite a thick paper, which meant I felt it didn’t fit to my face as well as it could have.  The mask was easy to apply and was saturated in product, I applied to cleansed skin for 30mins and smoothed in any excess serum after I had removed it.  I always find sheet masks cooling and soothing, this was no exception.  Honey seems to be the ‘on trend’ ingredient at the moment, with it’s healing and nourishing properties.  I felt my skin was hydrated, soothed and moisturised after use, but wish it felt like it fitted my face a bit better. Not 100% sure I would repurchase this one.


Overall, I enjoyed trying out these masks by Vitamasques and have since re-purchased the 120 hours of hydration mask. Has anyone else tried them?  What are your thoughts?

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