My Top 10 Nude Lipsticks

It’s no secret that I am addicted to nude lipsticks! I wanted to share a few of my favourites with you all, but I know what you’re thinking when you look at the swatches…they all look the same, but they all have slight differences (trust me haha):


1. Bourjois Rouge Velvet – Hey nude 01

Bourjois rouge velvet hey nude

This lipstick goes on so smoothly,  is very soft, almost like a balm in texture. I have to say I can’t quite prove the 24 hour claim, but I gave the lipstick a great run during a long shift at work….it lasted! Hardly any transfer on glasses, mugs etc. Usually my lips end up drying out with long lasting lipsticks but these lipsticks didn’t, it felt light weight and non sticky and matt! Can be found here.


2 . Bobbi Brown – Sheer Lip Colour no 5

Bobbi Brown lipstick

A newbie to my nude collection, but already a strong favourite.  I have been wearing this shade for work, when I want a subtle change in lip colour – I think it is quite close to my natural lip colour, but its adds a little bit of shine. Not a long lasting lipstick, you do need to reapply.

3. Maybelline – Colorsensational 728 Honey Beige

Maybelline honey beige

Genuinely, one of my favourites!  I am already on my 3rd lipstick in this shade.  You can find it here – I just panicked that I can only find it on amazon…I NEED to stock up! A gorgeous velvet finish, beautiful shade and it feels great on the lips, without being drying.


4. L’Oreal Colorsational Color Riche Shine Lipstick -643

L'oreal Colour riche 643

This is a great every day lip colour, slightly darker than the previous one, with a lovely smooth application.  It sort of melts onto the lips.  It has a nice shine finish and relatively good staying power.  The best part is this lipstick is very affordable! Can be found here.

5. Too Faced – Melted chocolate in Chocolate Honey


A lovely rich nude colour and the sponge provides a nice smooth application. This actually smells like chocolate. Yum! You can read my previous review to get a proper idea, but it has relatively good staying power but not an all day lipstick. Slightly pricey but can be found here.

6. Lancome – 250

lancome 250

A gorgeous smooth lipstick, with a velvet finish. A paler lipstick nude, perfect for the day time. It even smells gorgeous! Stunning packaging with the fab magnetic clip lid. Can be found here.

7. Burts Bees – Suade Splash 502

Burts Bees suadde splash 502

This is a full coverage lipstick with 8-hour conditioning moisture. The packaging is even made from recycled plastics. This lipstick goes on smoothly and lasts all day! Can be found here.  It looks more red in this photo, but check my swatches, such a nice shade.

8. Mac Cosmetics – Alessandra Steinherr

MAC Alessandra

As Alessandra describes it “it’s the perfect colour of lips”. It feels so smooth on application, velvety, soft and moisturising. It looks great alone or paired with a lip liner. Unfortunately, you can’t get this anymore!!  Absolute disaster!

9. Mac Cosmetics – Fleur de Force

MAC Fleur de Force

This is a cool beige toned nude, which leans slightly more towards brown than pink. The finish is cream sheen, which means it that light reflecting pearls add amazing high shine and shimmer. The lipstick feels gorgeous on application, so smooth and moisturising. It can be worn alone or with a lip liner and is perfectly designed for wear every day! Again, this was limited edition and no longer available!




10. Fenty Beauty – Gloss Bomb

Fenty gloss Bomb

Often I am put off lipglosses due to the awful stickiness, this doesn’t have that at all. The applicator is a big wand, almost one sweep across the lips is all you need. It feels very smooth, soft and almost more like a balm gloss than a gloss gloss haha. The scent is very sweet, I really like it but if you don’t like scented gloss it might not be for you. The gloss lasted and didn’t dry my lips out in the process. Gloss bomb can be found here.

I have so many more nude lipsticks, glosses and balms, just writing this blog post has made me realise how many..ahhh! I could have written about all of them. Any questions, just let me know.

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