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A new, up and coming brand I stumbled across on Instagram.  They source raw ingredients and their proprietary blends are hand-made from scratch. A.Florence Skincare don’t use pre-mixed bases and to ensure freshness and ingredient potency they craft their products in small batches in their London studio. As an eco-oriented company that use recyclable glass and minimal packaging, which is a refreshing change in the current climate.

The company’s founder Tina Sanders is almost single handedly responsible for the entire creative process.  Her background is in pharmaceuticals, spa & beauty and nutrition, she knows her stuff!

A.Florence skincare

What are the products?

The Super Serum

This is my favourite from the range (big claim I know!).

Whats is it?

A hybrid moisturiser and serum containing over 30 active ingredients!

Benefits include:

  • delivers long lasting nutrients and moisture and balances oil production
  • stimulates collagen production and cell turnover
  • boosts skin’s natural protective and repair mechanisms against sun damage and pollution
  • can be used as a make-up primer
  • does not irritate sensitive skin (essential oil free) has anti inflammatory properties
  • calms and brightens complexion leaving a healthy glow

The ingredients list is sooo impressive! The texture is creamy but by no means heavy, I was so surprised how light it felt and how quickly it absorbed. I really enjoy using this every morning. My skin feels hydrated, soothed and brighter. Great for all skin types, but especially for those who live and work in the urban environment (it battles all of those free radicals from air pollution and sun exposure).

How to use it?

It can be used on its own or in conjunction with other products and can double as an eye cream.  I apply a couple of pumps to dry skin and lightly press/tap onto my face until absorbed.  They advise leaving the serum for a few minutes before layering other products on top.  If you have extra dry skin you can even add a couple of drops of Skin Barrier Restoring Oil to the serum.

The Hydration Booster Serum

Whats is it?

An oil free, multi-functional serum containing Peptides, Niacinamide (vitamin B3) and Hyaluronic acid to deeply hydrate, plump and brighten your skin, while keeping hormonal breakouts and inflammation at bay with stabilised Vitamin C and Willow Bark extract. Wahhh sounds like a dream!

Benefits include:

  • Anti-inflammatory and helps clear acne comedones
  • Ingredients help to tone and smooth the skin
  • Promotes friendly bacteria growth for more resilient skin
  • Hydrates, plumps & brightens
  • Promotes collagen synthesis
  • Provides photo protection

How to use it?

Can be used alone or with other oil serums. I have been using under the super serum for an added boost of hydration. After cleansing I apply a couple of drops to my fingers and press into the skin until fully absorbed. Can be used day and night.

Such a light serum, but it really packs a punch. I love thats it can be layered underneath other products, so can still be used with my current routine to add extra hydration.  I have oily, blemish prone skin, so find that this helps to boost hydration without breaking me out.  Tough to find products which can do both. Not to be used if pregnant or allergic to aspirin, however it is breastfeeding friendly and fragrance free!  Whoop!

Intense Night Repair Oil

Whats is it?

A multi-correctional night oil with anti-aging actives.

Benefits include:

  • Anti-inflammatory and calms redness
  • Anti -aging, tackling wrinkles, uneven skin tone and loss of vitality
  •  Increases cell thickness and increased collagen from within
  • Tackles acne and pore congestion
  • Replenishes lipids
  • Gives youthful glow

How to use it?

This is for all skin types, however most beneficial for normal, dry and dehydrated skin and should be used at night only. Perfect for people suffering from adult acne (me!!), pigmentation, photo-damage, enlarged pores or rough skin. Can be used on it’s own as a more intense treatment, layered with other products or mixed with A.Florence Skincare’s Hydration Booster Serum.  I applied a couple of drops onto dry skin and pressed/tapped lightly until fully absorbed. My skin is more on the oily end of the spectrum, so I didn’t need to use this every night, but made sure I added it into my routine a couple of nights a week. It is a great way to introduce retinol into your routine if you haven’t used it before.  I always made sure I wore SPF the next day (I wear it every day anyway, but has to be mentioned) and not to be used at the same time as acids to avoid any reactions. I didn’t need much of this product at all, just a couple of drops. It’s very rich and nourishing, really sorted my skin out over night and left it soft and hydrated.

Blemish SOS

Whats is it?

Formulated to tackle blemishes to clarify, re-balance and clear complexions.

Benefits include:

  • Re-balancing
  • Slows down scar formation
  • Leaves skin clearer, smoother and calmer within 2 weeks
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Hydrated problem skin

How to use it?

This for me is an amazing product.  Similar to Sunday Riley UFO or Votary Blemish Oil (for a fraction of the cost). I apply a couple of drops to my skin and massaged in and have layered the hydration booster on top. I have been using this as a more topical treatment too, applying to directly onto awful under the skin, painful blemishes. Again not to be used if pregnant or allergic to aspirin.  I love that it can be used day and night, or whenever my skin needs help! The product does have a scent, but it isn’t over powering and comes from the 100% natural organic ingredients (no artificial fragrances added). A little bit of this oil goes a long way, but it is super light and fast absorbing.

Balm to Milk Cleanser 

Whats is it?

A waterless balm cleanser and make up remover.

Benefits include:

  • Eliminates pollution from the surface of your skin
  • Removes make up and draws out toxins from he skin
  • Dissolves excess sebum and SPF without stripping the skin barrier
  • Hydrates and preps skin for other products

You don’t need much product and the balm sort of melts on contact with the skin. This is actually great for all skin types despite my reservations.  The fact that it turns into a milk and doesn’t leave any residue on the skin, means there is no pore clogging or additional oiliness! It does have a fragrance, but again not over powering and it comes from all natural and organic ingredients within the balm. Left my skin super soft!!

How to use it?

I have been using this at night after removing my make up with a micellar water. I am always afraid of balm cleansers with my oily/combo skin type. You don’t need a lot of product, approx a penny sized scoop (I am in love with the little spoon you get with it). You rub the balm between your fingers to warm it and then massage into dry skin. You then wet your fingers and massage, using circular motions to turn the balm into a milk. I didn’t this for around 20-30 seconds to get all make up off and then rinsed with warm water.

Skin Barrier Restoring System

Whats is it?

A fragrance-free concentrated facial oil-serum.  Created to deeply nourish and regenerate vulnerable and compromised skin.

Benefits include:

  • Mimics the skins natural membrane structure
  • Protects cells, nourishes and regenerates skin
  • Contains skin building cholesterol, ceramics and linoleic acids
  • Moisturising and calming
  • Increase in hydration and decreased erythema

I have used this product both day and night, but again, due to my skin type I don’t use this daily.  I tend to add this into my routine if I have over done the acids, or my skin has broken out and my skin barrier is compromised.  Apparently, it’s fabulous for pregnancy when your skin can struggle sending all the important nutrients to your baby. Safe to use whilst breastfeeding too. The perfect product for sensitive, over-processed or reactive skin, as it contains no essential oils or synthetic fragrances. I found this product more of an oil texture than the others, much more nourishing. I would say it’s perfect for drier skin types!

How to use it?

This can be used alone for a more intense treatment or can be mixed with other products. I applied a couple of drops onto dry skin and massaged it in gently until fully absorbed. You can mix this product with the Hydration Booster Serum to make a bit of a moisturiser type formula or you can add a few drops to the Super Serum to create a nourishing day cream. Genius!

What you will never find in their products?

What you will never find in our potions are:  synthetic fragrances+phthalates, dyes, coconut oil and shea butter, petrochemicals, GMOs, butylene and propylene glycols  and other PEGs, mineral oil, nanoparticles,  silicones, BHA and BHT, SLSs, sulphates, PFOA, hydroquinone, benzoyl peroxide, formaldehyde, alcohol, parabens, *animal products” (*All products are vegan with the exception of their Skin Barrier Restoring Serum which contains a non-vegan cholesterol)

A florence skincare routine


  1. All natural, cruelty free, vegan
  2. Products come in value sets and small sizes so you can try them first.  I love that! wish more brands did that.
  3. Great ingredients
  4. Fabulous customer service – if you have any questions they are lovely!
  5. No nasties
  6. Lots of products for use during pregnancy and during breast feeding which is fab.


  1. Not all products suitable for all people, but again they are happy to advise which is best for you
  2. Struggling here..

I am a huge fan of this brand and commend them on their eco-friendly, cruelty free and natural approach without compromising the quality of the products. If I had to pick ultimate favourites that I reach for the most…the winners would be:


Have a browse over at their website. Although these products were gifted and some facts were taken from their website, all opinions and experiences are my own. Not all products will work for all skin types.

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