Too Faced Melted Chocolate lipstick

I stumbled across this lipstick range in London and admit I have seen it around.  The packaging and gorgeous stand instantly drew me in.  There are actually 31 shades in this range, however I am not sure if all of them are available in the UK.

What is it?

This brand claim that this range is:

Inspired by the beautiful, rich and glossy intensity of lipstick in its melted form in cosmetic labs, this ‘liquefied long wear lipstick’ coats lips in an intense burst of colour that lasts for hours. The high-impact, super-saturated pigment is available in six vibrant hues, delivered on an angled velvet tip to allow for precise application – no brush necessary


Initial thoughts

There are sooo many gorgeous shades in this range.  I am a huge fan of nude colours, so I instantly went for the chocolate.  It is a slightly darker nude and actually smells exactly like chocolate.  For that reason alone I am sold! haha.  The lipstick applies beautifully and evenly with the built in sponge applicator.  It goes on very liquid but does dry slightly on the lips.  It lasts fairly well, but isn’t an all day lipstick if you want one that doesn’t need topping up.  I felt it did dry my lips out as the day went on, so I applied lip balm/vaseline as well to keep them hydrated.


  1. So many gorgeous shades
  2. Lovely smooth and even application with the sponge
  3. Smells like chocolate!
  4. Fairly good staying power


  1. Dried my lips throughout the day
  2. Needed topping up – not all all day lipstick
  3. Quite expensive at £19 a tube

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