What’s on my current wish list?

I am trying to put things on my wish list that I really neeeeed and not just expensive things I want haha

I have put together a list of the items on my wish list, why I want them and I will only let myself buy them when my current product has finished!  I am sure we all agree, thats harder than it sounds!

  • Thyme Out – Thyme Out is the only organic natural solution to help treat acne, eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, cold sores, itchy and inflamed skin, cuts, grazes, prickly heat and almost every single inflammatory skin condition. I think I will give this a try when my current toner runs out.


  • Avene TriAceal Expert – Yet another moisturiser that sounds like a dream. TriAcnéal EXPERT is an evening moisturiser that comprehensively targets blemishes, marks and the first signs of ageing, so that those looking for clearer skin and anti-ageing care no longer have to compromise. I like the idea of products combining the issues of blemishes and ageing.


  • Fresh beauty – Where do I start?!  So many items on my wish list by Fresh Beauty.  The black Tea Kombucha Treatment, Black Tea Perfecting Mask and their lip balms to name a few.



  • Marie Reynolds Dermabiome – You all know I am already a fan of Marie Reynolds.  She has just released this mask and although expensive, sounds incredible. It is skin food for the epidermal flora, fortified in phytonutrients, balances the Skins Natural Flora, antibacterial, anti- inflammatory, rejuvenating, brightening, probiotic Technology, and contains 8 strains of Live Bacteria Culture. NEEEED!


What products are on your wish list?!

(Some images have been taken from Google)

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