April’s Empties!

I am pretty proud of myself this month.  I have been working hard to get through some products, so here is the run down…


  • WRP – Would Re-Purchase
  • HRP – Have already Re-Purchased
  • NRP – Not Re-Purchasing



  • No7 Youthful Eye Serum – I received a sample of this in my Christmas advent calendar. I liked this serum, it added hydration to my skin around my eyes.  However I didn’t feel it was intense enough, as the hydration didn’t last very long for me. NRP
  • Pixi Beauty Hydrating Milky Serum – I love Pixi & this was no exception.  Such a smooth, thick serum that really gave my skin that extra surge of moisture. I used this every morning as part of my skincare routine, perfect under make up and didn’t leave any residue but absorbed nicely. Love! WRP
  • Kiehl’s Creamy Eye Treatment – A great eye cream, such a unique texture.  It is thick and creamy, but massages into more of a water feel when applied. Adds great hydration to the eye area, without causing puffiness or greasiness. WRP
  • Nip & Fab No Needle Fix Eye Mask – I bagged these from Nip&Fab with 30% off in a flash sale.  The mask covers the entire eye area, including above the eye. It was a very refreshing, cooling & soothing, it did add moisture to my eye area, but the hydration didn’t last long.  I have used other masks that I prefer. NRP
  • Foreo – UFO Make My Day Mask & Call It A Night Mask – These came with my Foreo UFO device – full review can be found here. WRP


Here come the sheets mask’s I have worked my way through during April.


  • Cosrx One Step Original Clear Kit – I love this full kit of cleanser, pimple pad and sheet mask for when I break out, I feel like it really helps to soothe and treat my blemishes. Great little kit. WRP
  • Garnier Pure Charcoal Black Tissue Mask – I like their Bomb Hydrating masks so thought I would try this.  I enjoyed the fit and it was easy and confirmable to wear. Redness was slightly reduced, but I think I still prefer their hydrating masks, I see more of a difference in my skin with those masks after use.
  • Cosrx Pimple patches – I cannot live without these – magical!  They some how to take a big bumpy blemish and completely flatten it over night!  Amazing HRP
  • Rodial Lip & Eye masks – I have mentioned these in my empties before.  They are very expensive to buy, however the lip mask is a saviour! Both are very hydrating and do exactly what they claim to.  If you shop around sometimes you can find deals on these. WRP
  • Simple De-Stress sheet mask – I really enjoyed these!  The price was reasonable, the mask was so soft and such a comfy fit. My skin was cooled, soothed and hydrated after use.  I didn’t waste any serum and spread the remainder on my face and neck after the mask. WRP


  • Dr Jart Vital Hydra Solution – I love love love this mask!  The sheet is quite thick, I wish they would make them slightly thinner, but the serum is great.  Absolute hydration and my skin feels amazing after.  WRP
  • Blithe Blue Zone Marine Intensive Mask – I like the serum in this mask, but felt the mask didn’t fit me that well.  I wish the material had been softer and clung to my face better. It did hydrate my skin,  I wanted to love it more, but felt I was constantly re-adjusting the mask. NRP
  • Simple Pollution Protection Sheet – I used this mask just to soothe my skin after using a blemish treatment.  It was soft, comfortable and refreshing.  WRP
  • Beauty Pie Advanced Serum-Infused Biocellulose sheet mask – To see how Beauty pie works, read one of my other blogs. I wanted to like these masks, they sound so good, but they are so so strongly fragranced and didn’t fit very well at all. I didn’t think they did much for my skin and dried quite quickly.  Expensive if not a member at £55 but only £13 for members. NRP
  • Hydro Face Mask 120 hours -This mask is made of a gel, which I love.  I always feel they fit better to your face.  The mask was instantly cooling and soothing, my skin felt hydrated, I wouldn’t say I noticed insane miracles in terms of hydration or skin plumping, but a good solid mask. WRP
  • Soap & Glory Puffy Eye Attack – I won this in a giveaway by ‘Beautyjunkieuk” I love eye masks and this was no exception.  A nice cooling hydrogel mask, soothed and refreshed puffiness.  WRP

That’s everything!  If you want any more info on specific items, let me know! Another month down, I can’t believe it’s May! Roll on the nice weather!

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