Murad Anti-Aging Blemish Control

This product was brought to my attention but the wonderful Caroline Hirons.  It is so hard to find products that combine both anti-aging and blemish control.  This product claims to do just that.

What is it?

Unique dual-function anti-ageing serum also works to clear and prevent blemishes and hormonal breakouts without over-drying. Treats and prevents future breakouts. Formulated for adult skin prone to blemishes or oiliness, this treatment visibly reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for a more youthful-looking complexion. Non-comedogenic

Murad Anti Aging Blemish control serum

How to use it

I applied to cleansed and toned skin both morning and night.  I found that I only needed 2-3 pumps of the serum to cover my entire face/neck area, and massaged a thin layer into my skin. I finished by using a moisturiser on top to seal it all in.

Initial Thoughts

This serum is nice and light and absorbed well into my skin, without feeling oily or too thick.  I didn’t notice any fragrance to speak of. I have been using this product for about a month and my skin seems to be improving.  I wouldn’t say this product is a super fast miracle cure, but I am noticing differences.  Unfortunately, hormonal acne/spots is something I haven’t found a way to avoid yet, but this serum seems to be helping.  The salicylic acid helps to clear my break outs quicker and keep a lot of redness at bay.  It is quite soothing on the skin and doesn’t irritate,  helping any congestion in my pores.When it comes to fine lines, I have started to see the appearance of dehydration lines around my eyes etc.  Due to the presence of retinol and glycolic acid, I really feel like this serum smooths skin texture and minimises the appearance of these lines. Although the eye area still needs more moisture from an eye cream added to my routine.

Murad Anti Aging Blemish Control

  • Helps to clear breakouts quicker
  • Reduced redness and didn’t irritate
  • Smoothed skin texture and fine lines
  • Hard to find a product that combines ingredients that helps against fine lines & blemishes.


  • Not a super fast acting product – taken a few weeks to start to see a change
  • Price – £49.50 for 30ml eeeek!

Any questions just ask!

Can be purchased here.



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