FOREO – UFO Masking Device

The first time I saw this device, was on a kick starter email from FOREO back in January.  They were offering the opportunity to back the creation of the UFO masking device.  I did a bit of research and decided to go for it.  Since then, I have seen them being used back stage at lots of fashion weeks, so was very excited when it finally arrived in April.

What is it?

Supercharge your sheet masking and turn a 20-minute treatment into a 90-second treat with Foreo’s UFO (which, incidentally, stands for Ur Future Obsession), an innovative masking device that will bring an amazing range of technology to your beauty regime. Effortlessly easy and super speedy to use, this super-cute little gadget is designed to be used with Foreo’s mini sheet masks, developed exclusively in Korea and combining plant and fruit extracts and botanical oils”.

FOREO UFO Masking tool

How to use it?

Make sure you remove the clear plastic ring from your UFO device, then take the sheet mask packet, open it and place the round saturated pad onto the flat plate. Then secure it in position with the plastic ring holder.

You press and hold the button to start the mask program. This then starts the 90 seconds, activating the LED light and T-sonic pulsations (vibrations). There are different coloured LED lights for the different results –  Red: age-defying, collagen-stimulating. Blue: bacteria-busting and blood circulation-boosting. Green: Brightening.  I just moved the device in circular motions around my skin until the vibrating stopped.

Initial Thoughts

I was so giddy when this arrived, but struggled to understand how to use it.  There wasn’t much information that came with the device, just a basic operation leaflet and the app was in Chinese. I tried a out one of the masks and managed to figure out how to secure and apply it.  The app has since been released in English, you can choose the mask you are using and sync your masking device, which give a basic explanation of what is happening before, throughout and after the treatment. It doesn’t instruct how to move the device around the skin or any areas to focus on to match the mask you have chosen.


I wasn’t sure how you select the coloured LED lights and can now only presume it is linked to the mask that you select, although I am still unsure. The red seems to activate for the ‘Call It A Night’ mask and the green for the ‘Make My Day’ mask. The mask can heat up to help ingredients penetrate deeper into the skin and it has cryotherapy (cools down) to help tighten pores to lift and firm, although I haven’t experienced the cool down yet.  The device came with:

“‘Make My Day’, which is enriched with hydrating, plumping hyaluronic acid and age-defying red algae”

“‘Call It a Night’, which features ginseng and olive oil”

I have tried one of each to give a little review:

Make my Day:

Instantly infuses moisture into the skin, energising the skin for a refreshed complexion and healthy glow. Protects skin from harmful free-radicals with an anti-pollution barrier

FOREO UFO make my day mask

This is to be used in the day time and contains red algae and hyaluronic acid. Perfect for a quick pick me up in the morning. I actually really enjoyed masking in the morning and usually can’t due to time constraints, but since this only take 90seconds…why not hey! I feel the heat from the mask helps the serum absorb a bit quicker. This treatment uses the green light as well, so it’s great for brightening.  It absorbed well and didn’t leave a sticky texture or film on my skin, so perfect for under make up. My skin looked hydrated and bright.

Call it a Night:

This mask is formulated with olive oil and ginseng to make sure skin is deeply hydrated and super soft.

Instantly revitalise skin, revealing a more luminous complexion. Deeply nourishes skin while you sleep, so you wake up with a healthy glow. Rejuvenates tired skin, leaving it smoother than silk“.

FOREO UFO call it a night

This mask is for use at night-time, to enable to serum to work whilst you sleep. The main LED light used in this treatment is red,  to help stimulate collagen & to aid anti-aging. Again, this treatment used heat to help the serum work deeper into the skin.  A very hydrating, and soothing treatment, I really enjoyed this. The serum absorbed quickly into the skin and didn’t feel too heavy.  I finished with a moisturiser and my skin looked plump & hydrated when I went to bed, but in the morning my skin looked rested, calm & I would say it had a bit of a glow, if that’s possible.

I felt both treatments provided a lot of hydration.  The mask pads themselves were super saturated, I actually squeezed out the remainder from the packet and massaged into my face and neck after the treatment, seemed such a shame to waste it. The heat & vibrations I think do actually help to penetrate the serum deeper into the skin, I wouldn’t say I was left with some sort of miraculous face lift, but my skin was left plumped, hydrated and full of moisture.  I am monitoring to see how long the effects last following the treatments, but have to say it is massively time saving and a winner with me!


  • Perfect when short of time
  • Easy to use
  • Mask comes very saturated and added a decent amount of product to my skin
  • A variety of different masks coming soon
  • Small and compact device – perfect for travelling


  • Hard to get around the nose with he flat device
  • Struggled with the lack of specific information to begin with
  • Expensive
  • Not many different types of mask available yet
  • Must remember to clean/wipe down the device after use as not spread bacteria.\

Any questions about the device, just ask!

Again, I am no skincare expert and the opinions I have given are my own and may not be what you experience yourself.

You can buy your FOREO UFO device here.





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