Lacura Charcoal Clearing Mudmask & Lacura Charcoal Micellar Water – Aldi

When I saw these in Aldi, I snapped them up!  I have seen other people try some Aldi skincare dupes and wanted to see if these measured up to their high end competitors.

Aldi Lacura dupe mudmask

First up:

Lacura Charcoal Clearing Mudmask

What is it?

Created to reduce the appearance of imperfections, this Charcoal Mud Mask is the ideal addition to your beauty regime. Going on black before turning clear and foamy once water has been applied, this mask will help remove excess oils and gently exfoliate your skin. This all works to leave you with a clear complexion and a refined, balanced skin tone

aldi mudmask dupe lacura charcoal

How to use it

I applied this mask to cleansed skin (just on my T zone – where I have congestion), I think it would have been a bit much on my cheeks. I left the mask to dry and then removed with a damp cloth.

Initial Thoughts

Aldi’s mask cost £5.99, so in comparison to a LOT of masks, it was very affordable. The texture of this mask is very smooth and goes onto the skin easily.  I applied this to cleansed skin and only on my T zone. I was quite surprised, I expected to dislike it, but I found it helped to balance the oil on my T zone and absorbed excess oils. When I applied the mask, I felt some tingling, which faded after around 3/4 minutes. I left the mask for around 10-15 minutes and found as it dried, it became very tight on my skin, slightly uncomfortable. This could be avoided by re-activating the mask with a spritz/mist. The mask was quite tough to remove and I found giving the mask a good soaking before attempting to remove it, helped with this. After I had removed the mask, my skin was sooo smooth, soft and it felt like my pores were tighter (if thats even a thing). More consistent use of the mask seemed to help reduce blemishes and redness. Winner!


  1. Affordable
  2. Left skin too smooth & soft
  3. Helped reduce blemishes & excess oil
  4. Easy to use


  1. Sold out so quickly & once it’s gone it’s gone
  2. Can dry tight and uncomfortable on the skin
  3. I don’t have sensitive skin, but might be a bit harsh for more sensitive skin
  4. Hard to remove and if not careful could end up scrubbing at your face.

A winner for me due to price for the results. I wouldn’t use all over my face, especially not anywhere near my eye area as I think it would be too harsh.  A good product, but not sure it would replace my love for Glamglow.

Next up:

Lacura Charcoal Micellar Water

What is it?

A quick and easy way to purify and detoxify your face. Formulated to trap and lift impurities and make up, this water will leave the skin feeling fresh and clean without any sticky residue. It can also help to remove waterproof mascara so you wake the next morning looking and feeling fresh

How to use it

I currently use a micellar water to remove my make up, so was intrigued to see how the would compare. I put some of the product onto a cotton pad and carefully swept it over my face to remove my make up.  I have to say some micellar waters don’t remove waterproof mascara well, but this one seemed ok.  I was slightly cautious about using a charcoal product near my eyes, but I didn’t experience any stinging.

Lacura charcoal micellar water

Initial Thoughts

I wasn’t sure what to expect from this product to be honest.  I used this to remove my make up, in place of my staple Garnier micellar water. It was odd to see the cotton pad black before I had even started to remove my make up! It was easy to use and no different to my usual routine. I felt it removed my make up just as well, even the waterproof make up.  I experienced no stinging or irritation. It was quite a light texture and it didn’t seem to leave any residue.  I am not sure if I have been converted, I have still been using my usual make up remover and intermittently switching it out for this version.  I am not sure how my skin would fair using charcoal every evening, perhaps slightly too drying. Overall my skin felt fresh, clean and ready for my evening cleanse.


  1. Cheap
  2. Removes waterproof mascara
  3. Easy to use in your routine
  4. No irritation, redness and removed make up easily
  5. Left skin clean and fresh


  1. When it’s gone it’s gone
  2. Charcoal every day might be a bit drying for some skin types

To sum everything up, I really enjoyed the clay mask and will continue to use it.  The micellar water is something I will work into my routine every so often, but probably wouldn’t use it on a daily basis.  Pretty impressed with the products, considering the price point.

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