HELLOSKIN Whoa Whoa Soothing Mask

The lovely ‘Beauty & Seoul‘ gave me some advice on products that would suit my skin.

This was one of her suggestions and it didn’t disappoint, it could be my favourite sheet mask!  That’s a big claim!!

What is it?

Natural ingredients such as honey and primrose oil help to soothe the skin when dealing with outbreaks or flare ups. Also containing Ceramide Complex, the mask also firms the skin to give added resilience. A really gentle way of treating irritated skin. Jumiso Masks are made of cupra sheets which have excellent breath-ability. The sheet adheres to your skin tightly and minimises the loss of essence“.

whoa whoa soothing mask hello skin packet

How to use it?

I applied to cleansed and toned skin. I opened up the sheet mask, which was very saturated in product and removed the mesh.  This was easy to apply to my skin and the mask itself was so soft and fitted very well. I left it on for about 30mins and then removed, massaging in any excess and remembering to spread any spare product from the packet onto my neck and decollete.

helloskin soothing mask whoa

Initial Thoughts

This mask was lovely to wear, very soft and a lovely fit. My skin felt so soothed and refreshed and it looked hydrated and calm.  I genuinely think this is one of my favourite soothing sheet masks. This mask just does exactly what it is supposed to.

helloskin sheet mask soothing whoa


  1. Easy to use
  2. Affordable
  3. Feels so soft & fits well
  4. Soothing, calming and hydrating


  1. Genuinely…is there one??

You can buy this mask from here.

PS This mask wasn’t gifted, just my genuine opinion.

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