Nars Satin Lipstick & Nars Precision Lip Liner

I don’t really go for bold lip colours, I am always worried they don’t suit me.  I was lucky enough to try these lip products out at the Glamour Beauty Festival, without having to fork out and find out I didn’t like them.

Nars lipstick lip liner

First up:

Nars Precision Lip Liner – Rouge Marocain

What is it?

“Daring definition. Unstoppable colour. Relentless glide. Put it all on the line with new Precision Lip Liner. Moisturising formula saturates with budge-resistant colour. Highly pigmented colour glides on smoothly. Wooden, sharpenable pencil provides laser-focus precision and a clean, well-defined application”

Nars lip liner Rouge Marocain pencil

How to use it?

I have to admit with brighter colours, I am not the best at getting lip liner to look flawless and draw the perfect shape.  I found this surprisingly easy, the pencil didn’t drag on my lips, which made it a lot easier to correct any mistakes and follow my lip line. I made sure my lips were flake free and moisturised before applying.

Initial Thoughts

A great colour, easy to use and genuinely one of the best lip liners I own. I tend to colour in my lips as well as line them to make the colour of the lipstick last longer.

Nars lip liner Rouge Marocain


  1. Smooth application
  2. Great colour and range of colours available


  1. Very expensive

Next up:

Nars Satin Lipstick – Afghan Red

What is it?

A lustrous, long-wearing lipstick infused with conditioners to provide smooth ultra comfortable wear and sumptuously, silky colour with a patented blend of conditioners and antioxidants hydrate, nourish and protect lips

nars lipstick Afghan Red

How to use it?

Think it is pretty self explanatory, however with bright colours I do tend to add a little concealer around my lips after application just to make the lines look cleaner. This lipstick is great alone or over other shades.

Initial Thoughts

I genuinely love the colour, which is unusual for someone who is addicted to nude lipsticks! Its a smooth application, it didn’t dry my lips out, like a lot of lipsticks out there. It was long wearing when paired with the lip liner (even survived burger & chips). The shade range available for this lipstick is great too, so if Afghan red is a bit much, there are plenty of others to choose from.


  1. Easy to apply
  2. Great range of shades available
  3. Perfect alone or with liner/other lipsticks
  4. Long wearing without drying out the lips


  1. Again an expensive lipstick (I actually picked these up from where you can get 15% off your first order…bonus!)

Nars lipstick Glamour beauty festival

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