B.Liv ‘Off With Those Heads’ Blackhead Sebum Gel

I have to confess I had never heard of the brand Bliv before they contacted me to ask if I wanted to try out this product.  I have done a bit of research into the company and found out:

  • The company, pronounced as “believe”, was set up back in 2009 in Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong & Macau.
  • The company was created to cater for the strong demand for an easy-to-use and affordable personal skin care regime.

I was asked to try out their ‘Off with those heads’ Blackhead Sebum Gel.  I have been testing this product for about 8 weeks now.

Bliv Off With Those Heads Box

What is it?

This sebum gel helps with blackheads and whiteheads extraction without the need for painful squeezing. The gel softens the clog that is blocking your pores, allowing for effortless extraction and removal of sores. its essence ingredients assists to keep oil secretion under control“.

How to use it?

I use one pump onto my fingers and massaged into dry cleansed skin at night.  I only apply to areas effected by congestion, so basically just my T zone. It is a light gel and absorbed quite quickly, it didn’t leave a sticky residue or a heavy film, which is nice and a little surprising.

Bliv Off With Those Heads

Initial Thoughts

The gel is clear and not too thick. There is a very slight scent, a little medicated smelling but barely noticeable. You only really need one pump to cover the T zone. I applied to cleansed skin every night just to the T zone, which is my problem area when it comes to oil and blackheads.  The gel actually absorbed quite quickly into my skin.  I really noticed a reduction in the oil production on my T zone, during the day I didn’t need much, if any, top ups of powder, which I usually do!  I found that actually quite amazing! Blackheads are a little harder to get rid of.  I felt the product made blackheads less prominent, possibly fading their appearance over time. It isn’t an instant fix, but a much gentler way to get rid of blackheads, really good for those of you with sensitive skin.


  1. Massive reduction in excess oil on my T zone!
  2. Slight reduction in the visibility of my pores
  3. Blackheads appeared less prominent
  4. Great for sensitive skin


  1. Slow process – the results aren’t instant
  2. Harder to get hold of in the UK.  You can order online from their website but beware taxes and customs charges aren’t included.
  3. Not a miracle cure.

Although this product was gifted, everything I have written is my honest opinion, thoughts and experiences.  Thanks for reading.

3 thoughts on “B.Liv ‘Off With Those Heads’ Blackhead Sebum Gel

  1. It’s funny you’ve posted this, I received an e-mail asking to try out a mask, and was a little wary as I hadn’t heard of them before. But you’ve changed my mind! This serum sounds great especially if it had positive effects on the t-zone, and that’s what I struggle with too. Fab review as always poppet x

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