Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Capsules Advanced

I picked these up after a ‘lifting’ Oxygen blast facial at the Glamour Beauty Festival. Time to up my anti-aging game!

What is it?

The innovative anti-ageing capsules directly deliver a concentrated dosage of bio-engineered, skin-identical ceramides, helping to repair and strengthen the lipid barrier as well as support natural collagen renewal, resulting in a re-texturising and plumping effect to radically minimise the appearance of fine lines“.


Whats in it?

A Botanical Complex blend of Alfalfa, Olives and Coconut Oil infuses skin with hydrocarbons and lipids, while Omega-rich Tsubuki Oil restores elasticity, effectively optimising moisture levels.

How to use it?

I use these capsules as the serum step in my night time routine. To open capsules, I gently twisted the tab (stalk bit) of the capsule, around twice and squeezed into fingertips. I smoothed the serum into my skin.  I applied my normal moisturiser on top to sort of seal it all in.  I have only been using these a few times a week, as they are expensive and I didn’t want to overload my skin.

Initial Thoughts

I love that there is exactly the right amount for your whole face in the capsule (perhaps even more than you need), the quantity is pre-measured for you.  I was concerned it would be greasy, but it actually absorbed into my skin quite quickly and without leaving a heavy oil slick on my face.  My face stayed quite shiny before bed, although there wasn’t much residue. It took longer to absorb in more oily areas and the dry parts of my skin really drank it up! In the morning my skin was hydrated and appeared more plump. I will continue to use these to see if they have any lasting effects. I felt my skin looked better, brighter and perhaps in better condition after use.


  1. Easy to use & pre-measured
  2. Fast absorbing with no heavy residue
  3. Plumping & hydrating.
  4. Great for travelling


  1. Expensive £66 for 60 capsules
  2. Can melt if stored at too high a temperature

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