Origins – Dr Weil Mega Mushroom Relief & Resilience

I spied this new product when @alexsteinherr attended a stunning PR event. I managed to bagsy this product with 15% off…thanks Alex!

What is it?

Instantly refresh & rebalance skin to help soothe, calm & boost hydration levels. Skin looks supple, softer & healthier-looking


How do I use it?

It is advised to shake the bottle before use to activate the formula. I apply the product to a cotton pad and pat or sweep it onto my cleansed skin morning and night.

“A light, soothing, watery lotion with Reishi, Sea Buckthorn & Fermented Chaga that perfectly preps just-cleansed skin for a serum & moisturiser. Alcohol-free and pH balanced

Why is it special?

This formula contains Reishi, Sea Buckthorn & Fermented Chaga that preps the skin for serum and moisturiser. ” It rapidly reduces visible redness and restores resilience. Skin looks and feels healthier. Leaves sensitive skin calm, comfortable, hydrated. Alcohol-free and pH balanced“.

Initial Thoughts

It smells divine, very spa like! This is a lovely hydrating toner type formula, you can almost hear my skin say ‘ahhhh’ when I apply it. I find it very cooling, soothing and hydrating.  I haven’t seen any real noticeable changes in terms of inflammation or redness, but I can definitely feel and see the difference in terms of hydration. I think continued use will show changes to my blemishes and skins condition.


  1. Super hydrating – a great way to give my skin a boost of moisture
  2. Left my skin smooth & soothed
  3. Great for all skin types
  4. Formulated without any nasties (Parabens, Phthalates, Propylene Glycol, Mineral Oil, PABA, Petrolatum, Paraffin)


  1. Quite expensive at £30 for 200ml
  2. I didn’t notice any immediate reduction in redness, but will continue to montior

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