Beauty Pie Pro Glow Highlighter

I’ve mentioned Beauty Pie in previous posts and explained how the membership works.

“It works by paying a monthly subscription of £10 a month (minimum 3 months) to be able to buy at this discounted rate. Beauty pie claims it is their mission to bring members the worlds best beauty products at totally transparent factory costs. No mumbo jumbo, no middlemen and no mark ups”.

What is it?

Pro-Glow Highlighter in Cosmic Shine. This claims to sculpt cheeks, make skin dewy, all with one seriously smart super powder.


Initial Thoughts

I have to say the compact looks divine, it definitely made me ‘ooo’ when I opened it. The powder states in has light-reflecting 12-hour no fade, colour releasing micro-pigments so I wore this to work to put it to the ultimate test!

I have tried it a few different ways. The first I applied all of my make up and lastly patted the highlighter onto my cheek bones with my ring finger. This gave a very silvery glitter effect, quite corse.

The second I applied all of my make up and lastly applied the highlighter with a brush to my cheek bones. This gave a more fine glittery highlight.


Finally, I applied all of my make up and lastly tried using a subtle liquid highlighter underneath the pro-glow highlighter to give it something more to cling to. This gave the best highlight, it clung to the liquid much better and really showed off my cheek bones for a more subtle but stunning glow! Definitely sticking to this method when using this product. Overall, I like this highlighter a lot but it is more of a silvery shade and I think I prefer a more golden tone.


1. Gorgeous compact
2. Cheap with the Beauty Pie membership £6.02 (£30 without)
3. Does seem to last well on my cheek bones.


1. Paler shade than I expected
2. Not as fine a powder as I thought it would be – appears quite glittery
3. Better applied over a liquid highlighter to give the powder something to cling to.

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