Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask

This Winter has taken its toll on my lips.  I have never really suffered from dry lips before, but this year has been terrible.  My lips have been too flaky, dry and sore.  I stumbled across this lip mask on instagram and read some good reviews so wanted to try it out.


What is it?

An intensive nightly recovery lip mask to soothe lips and replenish moisture.  Bite Beauty’s intensive nightly recovery lip mask is handcrafted with agave nectar and jojoba oil. Rich and nourishing, it envelops lips in emollient ingredients to help hydrate and improve the texture of lips so they’re healthier-looking, soothed, and softer.”

Initial Thoughts

Rather than splash out before I had tested it, I managed to get my hands on a little sample set.  With this lip mask, a little goes a long way, these tiny samples lasted me a good few wears each.  There are different shades available in the mask, but I think my favourite is the yellow (clear on the lips) mask.



The mask feels quite thick and sticky to touch.  When on my lips it felt smooth, soft and hydrating.  It didn’t actually make my lips feel sticky which was surprising! With most balms, they instantly make your lips feel soothed and hydrated, this balm/mask was no exception. I could even wear this under lipstick for added hydration.


I genuinely found this has improved my lips dramatically. I have applied the mask as and when needed. Although my lips aren’t cured of my Winter dryness, they are smoother, less flaky and not as sore.  The fact that this mask comes in different shades means you can wear alone without having to layer lipsticks over the top.

They state these masks are created without parabens, sulphates, phthalates, gluten and petrochemicals…bonus!


  1. A little goes a long way
  2. Available in different shades
  3. Helped to soothe, smooth and hydrate lips
  4. States it is a night mask – but I use during the day too.


  1. Not widely available in the UK – Amazon £40ish!!!
  2. Not a complete cure for dryness

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