The WOW Sheet Mask

I’ve never really liked the idea of needles, but this mask claims to be the next best thing!

This mask claims to be a professional aqua gel mask for immediate skin restoration. It aims to reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, deliver 200% more hydration to the skin (vs other collagen-based moisturising treatments), smooth skin & improve elasticity.


The mask comes in 2 sections, I applied the mask onto clean skin, placing the bottom half on first followed by the top. The mask is a gel rather than a paper/fibre and is saturated with product when removed from the packet. You need to remove the gel from the backing paper, I found it really easy to apply although a bit slippery.

The gel fitted really nicely to my face and smoothed out onto skin much better than paper/fibre masks. It is best to sit for 10 mins after the initial application for the mask to settle and stop moving around, then you can leave the mask on for another 30 mins carrying on with any jobs etc. After the 40 mins the mask had dried a lot, but when removing the mask I patted in any excess. My skin! It felt soothed, smooth and plump instantly (not sure if it’s just like Botox as I’ve never had it, but a good result!)


1. Easy to use
2. The gel fits to the face very well
3. Instant results- plump, soft & smooth


1. Need to set some time aside (something I always forget to do!)
2. More expensive sheet mask

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