May Lindstrom – The Problem Solver Mask

I have wanted to try this mask for so long, but have always been put off by the price! £96 for a face mask seems crazy.

Lucky the lovely @themakeupmaestro offered to send me a sample to try. Forever grateful!

The Problem Solver mask claims to be a phenomenally purifying mask composed of antioxidant-rich raw cacao, reparative bamboo charcoal and circulatory-boosting spices, to stimulate the elimination of toxins and help clear clogged pores. Jet black and powdery in appearance, it transforms into a fluffy mousse when mixed with water, to quickly clarify and kick-start sluggish skin cells into action. Sounds insane!!


I’ve never used a mask that has to be mixed before, so this was new to me. I took a table spoon of the powder and mixed it with equal amounts of water in a little dish. The first thing I noticed was the smell, it’s not that pleasant, but hey if it works who cares!

I wasn’t sure what the consistency should look like, but it sort of bubbled into a light mousse. I applied on to my cleansed skin (making quite a mess I have to say) and relaxed in the bath for 45 mins bliss! haha. The texture was a little gritty but went on easily and dried into quite a tight mask on my face.

Quite soon after application I experienced quite a strong tingling/burning sensation, but apparently that’s ok eeek. The sensation was mainly around my nose and chin and lasted quite a while. After the 45 mins I removed the mask with a warm water and a cloth. It wasn’t as hard to remove as I thought and my skin felt SO SMOOTH! I have had tips from other bloggers to dampen the mask on your face before washing off, this really helps! Any redness from blemishes appeared reduced and again…sooo smooth!

I have to say I have since bought this face mask on black friday!  Yay!!  When the package arrived it was absolutely gorgeous!! So personal and the attention to detail…divine! I love love love it and use the mask around once a week.


1. Made skin so so smooth
2. Really helped blemishes, a bit of a break out saviour!!


1. Very expensive, although you do get a lot of product
2. You need a bit of time – not a quick product to use
3. A little messy to mix and apply
4. Possibly not great for sensitive skin – tingling sensation and left my face a little red immediately after use

7 thoughts on “May Lindstrom – The Problem Solver Mask

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  2. It’s fab that you not only were able to try this out beforehand, but that you also managed to grab it on Black Friday! It sounds quite lengthy for a mask but sounds perfect for when your having a soak in the tub! x


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