Beauty Pie – Moisture Lock Wondergel Lip Liner

Before this I had never heard of the brand Beauty Pie, so when I received a 24 hour Beauty Pie pass in my Cosmo box, I did a lot of research.

The pass allowed me to buy £100 worth (retail) to spend on their website.  Now the website shows two prices when you are shopping, one is the members price and the other is for non- members. Having this pass allowed me to buy their products at the members rate!  Yipee!

Normally, it works by paying a monthly subscription of £10 a month (minimum 3 months) to be able to buy at this discounted rate. Beauty pie claims it is their mission to bring members the worlds best beauty products at totally transparent factory costs. No mumbo jumbo, no middlemen and no mark ups.

I did a lot of research on their best products and chatted to a few bloggers and other people in the know.  I ended up choosing a variety of their products just to see what I thought.


First up…their long wear moisture lock wondergel lip liner, I chose shade foxy, a nude colour, since I have a million nude lipsticks. This product claims to shape, define or fully fill lips with colour.

I have to say this lip liner is a great colour, fab for all of those nude lipsticks! Even though they state they don’t spend money on expensive packaging, I thought it was nice, simple but effective packaging for the product. The texture of the liner is so smooth and soft, it doesn’t pull on your skin but sort of melts and glides on without too much pressure. Due to the type of formula they say you must keep the lid on tightly to stop it from drying out.


I have to say it was quite long lasting, but it didn’t last as long throughout the day as my Charlotte Tilbury lip liner, but for the price a great product, I can’t complain! Not sure I  would be as excited if I had paid full price?!

Members price: £1.83    Non-Members price: £15

Beware of the addtional costs – Beauty Pie add 0.43p per item and £1.82 per order for shipping and handling


1. £15 retail but only £1.82 with the membership (cost of £0.43per item and £1.82 per order is also added for shipping and handling)
2. Very smooth texture and easy to apply
3. Fairly good staying power
4. Available in 9 shades


1. Expensive if you’re not a paying member
2. Not as long lasting as some liners I’ve tried
3. Could dry out if not stored properly .

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