Origins United State Balancing Tonic

This is my first official blog!! A few people have said I should get a proper blog up and running, so here it is.  I will continue to review products on Instagram, keeping them short & to the point and making sure I keep my pros & cons.  For any one wanting a little more detail you can head over here and have a good old read!

Without further a do, my first product is:


This toner claims to be a tingly-cool, re-texturizing tonic which refreshes, refines and re-balances faces with dry and oily places. Exfoliates away flakes, pore-clogging debris and smooths rough spots. Laminaria de-shines T-zones without stripping. And Soy Protein protects moisture levels to prevent parching. It claims to reinstate skin’s proper pH for a continuously comfortable feeling. A lot of claims.


My skin has an oily T Zone but can be dehydrated around my cheeks and eye area, so this sounded like a great product. I cleansed as normal, then put a small amount on a cotton pad and swept it over my face. The first thing I noticed was the smell, it’s quite a strong alcohol smell, which was a bit over powering. The second thing is the packaging. There is no filter in the lid, as you can see in the image. I kept accidentally pouring too much out!


I keep pouring too much out!!

The toner felt very nice on my skin, not drying, but refreshing and cooling. I enjoyed how my skin felt after use.

I do think it has helped my skin throughout the day when it came to controlling shine, I found I didn’t apply as much powder to keep my skin matte.


1. Made my skin feel soothed and wasn’t dried out
2. Seemed to balance shine throughout the day


1. Easy to pour out too much by accident…please change the lid origins!
2. The alcohol smell is quite strong so might not be for everyone

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